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Own a home in the peaceful Oceanside community of Parksville. Oceanside Villas have lifestyle in mind with their ideal location combining coastal living and urban conveniences. Amenities and shopping are only a two minute walk away with Wembley Mall directly across the highway. Enjoy the sand beach, Foster park and nature trails only a short walk away. The upcoming 62 home development delivers upscale, quality crafted 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes combining modern finishing with traditional architecture.

Ready to live the life you’ve been waiting for? It’s just steps away.
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“Michelle and I have always been a little leery of real estate agents and Glen certainly made us feel comfortable right from the start. He’s there when you need him to be there, not pushy, and is still one of the nicest guys around.” ̃ Rob & Michelle

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You have no idea how good it feels. After scrimping for months for a down payment. After waiting for rates to fall. After viewing one stunning show home after another only to stare in disbelief at the asking price. After talking endlessly into the night about what makes a house a “home”. Then actually finding that perfect place. At the perfect price. Experiencing the relief of hearing that they accepted the offer. Cheering at the end of the unpacking and the beginning of a new life. Read More…


Times change. Before you know it, there aren’t enough bedrooms. Or bathrooms. The kitchen feels too cramped, the layout too inflexible, the yard too small. Besides, now you know what you really want and need. And for the first time you can afford it without pinching pennies every month. You still feel the excitement of the hunt for the perfect place, but now you’re ready to buy a home for the long haul. This will be more than your new home: it will be your refuge, your reward, your statement to the world.
First you need to sell your current home. Read More…


One day, you wake up and the house feels too big. Too quiet. Over coffee you stare out at the yard that seems to stretch to the horizon and you wonder if you still need all this. You think about the choices you have now, all the new memories you can create. And you smile as you consider making a new beginning. By swapping your hard earned equity for a new place, a place that suits you better. Or by seizing a moment that may not come again. The chance to buy the perfect vacation property. To invest. To travel the world. Read More…